Répáshuta is the only village within the forests and mountains of the Bükk National Park, which at 431.3 km2 is bigger than the Isle of Wight or Detroit in the USA.

Our chalets are perfect if you just want to shut out the world and snuggle up in cosy comfort for a couple of days, but there are also fantastic opportunities to explore the area, with plenty of exciting activities in Répáshuta and the area around it.

A few steps from the guest house you could take short or long walks either along the panoramic walking paths in the area or on the nearby trails in the woods. There are no bears or wolves nowadays, but lots of other wildlife.

Some convenient walking/hiking trails are within walking distance of the guest houses

Kőbalta Study Trail trail (1.4 km)
“Gentian” Study Trail (4.2 km)
“Planet-tour study trail (4 km)”
“Falcon Stone” (900m from the guest houses)
Balla Cave (900m from the guest houses, 10 minutes walk on the Kőbalta Study Trail Trail)
Stroll around Répáshuta (shorter and longer versions possible)

Mountain hike with a guide

If you’d like a more challenging, multi-hour hike in Bükk, we can arrange guided tours.

Bükk Observatory

The sky is especially starry in Répáshuta. The Bükk National Park, where the village is located, was awarded as Dark Sky Park in 2017, as a result of this the public lighting of the village was changed to amber to reduce light pollution.
In the visitor center we can learn a lot about the stars, the space research, the types and life of the stars and the invisible features of our Sun. In addition to a permanent interactive exhibition you can see a meteorite collection (lunar and Martian meteorites), you can take a 5D journey in space, from the 3D planetarium you can watch the sky in good and bad weather, too. The Planet Tour trail starts next to the observatory, where you can get to know the natural, geological and cultural-historical values of the area during a 4 km and 2-hour tour, and it also includes an expiring Solar System model.

Private telescope astronomy show

Would you like to have an adventure in the exciting world of the stars? Would you like to observe double stars, galaxies and other interesting celestial objects that are invisible to the naked eye? You are in the best place, because Répáshuta is located in the heart of the Bükk Dark Sky Park and the public lighting of the village is free of light pollution. Using an astronomical telescope, we observe the wonders of the sky, the craters of the Moon, and the planets. We will take a constellation tour in the sky, get to know some constellations and the legends associated with them. Come and take part in this special program, an exclusive presentation just for you! On special request, we can also take a night picture with you with the starry sky in the background.

There’s more to do less than an hour’s drive away

Lillafüred – 14 km, 20 minutes drive (Boating on Lake Hámori, small trains, Adventure Park, Gondola, St. Stephen’s Stalactite Cave, Anna Cave, waterfall, Palotaszálló hanging garden, etc.)

Lillafüred Trout farm, Trout Farm, can be reached by train from Lillafüred, and is perfect if you would like a delicious dinner with fresh trout. The Trout Farm is open from May to October, while the Restaurant is open all year round.

Eger – approx. 30 km, 40 minutes drive. (Wine cellars, Szépasszonyvölgy, the old city, medieval Eger Castle, etc.)

Miskolc – approx. 30 km, 35 minutes drive (Diósgyőr Castle, old city, etc.)

Outdoor/Indoor hot spa baths (Eger, Egerszalók, Demjén, Miskolc-Tapolca)

Guesthouse reservation