During our travels we always choose private accommodation close to nature with a unique atmosphere and design, because in those kinds of places we can really feel at home, slow down and recharge, while feeling like we’re a part of the local place and culture for a few days. It was in such a uniquely-located southern Italian village, where we realised (or rather we started our obsession) that the place where we live is at least as special as the memorable mountain villages of southern Italy, North America, or Tyrol that we loved.


We have cherished our dream for several years to create a place to stay that would be both distinctive and cosy in this beautiful, mountainous village of Répáshuta and to show this unique place to others. Taking into account the experience and practice we had garnered during our travels, we set out to realise our plans in the beginning of 2019. We have spent 2 years of hard work on this project, sacrificing all our free time, putting all our hearts and souls into it, enthusiastically, complementing each other along the way.

Répáshuta is the only settlement in the heart of the Bükk National Park, an authentic, living mountain village with about 400 inhabitants, located in a long valley at an altitude of 600m above sea level, surrounded by mountains, fields and forest. It was clear from the beginning that only a wooden house would feel right in such an environment.

 At one end of this tiny village, where the deep forest begins, on a sloping hillside, our guest house project became a reality, with two wood cabins and a separate Finnish sauna house.

Our friends, when they visit us, are always amazed at how beautiful the sky is here. Bükk National Park is the third internationally recognized International Dark-Sky Association park in Hungary. The amber street lighting of the village is also unique, allowing an unobstructed panorama of the sky. You can admire the stars from the terrace of our guest house or even from the private jacuzzi. 

Our chalets have been built with large panoramic windows to bring nature as close as possible even when you are inside. You can enjoy the changing views of the natural world as each season brings its own unique mood and colour, either from the bed or while taking a sauna.

Style, functionality and high quality were key considerations. The interior design is a blend of Scandinavian modern touches and rustic central European style. Thus, we decorated the houses with custom-designed and made furniture, log tables and accessories. The warm cosy atmosphere is provided by an electric fireplace, so you don’t even have to bother with lighting. 

If you want to escape from the non-stop demands of everyday life, slow down, really unwind, fully recharge, and find harmony in premium-category accommodation, stay with us for at least two nights and relax in a truly unique, pine-scented wooden hideaway where a forest begins.


We look forward to seeing you!

Szilvi & Tibi

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