How many people is the guest house suitable for?

Each of our chalets can accommodate 2 people. Some services and equipment, such as the jacuzzi, can accommodate 2 people, and the hot water boiler is designed to be sufficient for that number.

Can we bring a baby or children? Is this a family friendly accommodation?

Our guest house is “adult-friendly” accommodation, designed for couples looking for complete relaxation and romance. Everything here is about offering you the opportunity to return home  rested and recharged, to face your busy everyday life. Why not surprise your partner with a romantic weekend away from all your responsibilities? We have everything for the perfect relaxing short break that will help you to recharge your batteries.

Is it possible to bring a pet to the accommodation?

Unfortunately we cannot accept pets.

Is it possible to add extra beds?

The buildings are designed for two people so there is no room for extra beds.

When can we check in and check out of the accommodation?

You can check in from 3 pm and check out is by 10 am on the day of departure. Please let us know what time you are arriving so that we can hand over the keys and at what time you plan to leave to arrange check-out.

How to get to the guest house?

Répáshuta is located about halfway between Miskolc and Eger.  There is a 30km stretch of  beautiful, winding asphalt road that leads to the chalets.

By car, two routes are possible: Eger – Felsőtárkány – Répáshuta, or Miskolc – Lillafüred – Répáshuta. (Please note: GPS/satnavs often suggest a route from Miskolc via Bükkszentlászló, which is a very narrow forest road, so we recommend that you come via Lillafüred.)

Our guest houses are located at the very end of Rákóczi street on the hillside.

What facilities are there in the chalets?

The price alo includes a rich breakfast made from homemade ingredients, which we will put in a basket for you at 8 am. As a gift, we welcome you with a bottle of still or sparkling wine. The kitchen is stocked with pasta, oil and sauce, salt, pepper and basic spices, coffee capsules, ground coffee, tea, utensils, plates, etc. A dishwasher in the kitchen means you don’t have to spend time washing dishes by hand.

In addition, we recommend two local restaurants if you want to sample regional specialties.

What other equipment is in the guest house? Do we need to bring towels or bedding?

Unless you have a favourite pillow at home, you’ll find all you need for a relaxing night’s sleep. In the guest house you will find a hair dryer, 1 large and 1 medium-sized towel per person, hand towels, dishwashing detergent and kitchen linen in the kitchen. We do recommend that you bring outdoor slippers or flip flops for going up the wooden steps to the sauna.

Can we smoke or use candles and incense in the houses?

We don’t allow smoking in the building (traditional or vaporisers), nor to use incense or candles. If you smoke, you can do so at the designated place.

Is parking free?

All our guests are provided with free parking in a closed car park.

In case of bad weather, what can we do in the house? Is there Wifi?

You will not be bored here, even in bad weather, we are sure of that! In the chalet you will find a big screen smart full HD TV with many channels, including Netflix if you enjoy a good movie or series, as well as board games, cards, books and newspapers. There is wifi, and we’d be thrilled if you wanted to share content on social media about us!



In the accommodation you will find ideas for shorter or longer walks and excursions in the area without the car.

What to look for when bathing? Is there enough hot water in the boiler?

The hot water is produced by an 80 litre boiler, which is enough for 2 people. Since our core values ​​are sustainability and environmental protection, we encourage our guests to think about water and energy conservation. Why keep the tap running while brushing your teeth? Think responsibly about how to best use the earth’s resources.

Does the jacuzzi work in winter?

Yes, the hot tubs operate at 36-38C all year round.

Does each house have its own jacuzzi?

Yes, each guest house has a private jacuzzi.

Is the sauna infrared or Finnish?

A separate panoramic Finnish sauna house is at your disposal.

Is there a sauna available at the chalets? How can we turn it on?

Yes, a detached, panoramic Finnish sauna house built on the highest point of the area, suitable for 4 people, which is good for both body and soul. If you want, it is also possible to have only two people in the sauna at the same time. Just a few little things to look out for: please take off your slippers before you enter and place a towel under yourself on the seat of the bench.

The typical length of heating time of the sauna is around 30-40 minutes. Upon arrival, we will show you how to turn on the stove, so you can decide for yourself the time of taking the sauna. In order to get the best effect from your sauna, consume plenty of non-alcoholic fluids before and afterwards. Stay in the sauna for about 10-15 minutes (according to individual needs) and then relax in the loungers for at least the same amount of time. You get the maximum benefit by doing this two or three times. You will also find a “sauna etiquette” board with basic information in the sauna, and we have also included a small booklet with useful tips in the chalets. Like everything, be responsible so that everone can enjoy the facilities.

Is the accommodation suitable for a winter break? Is there heating?

Yes, there is heating in the guest house so you can come at any time of the year. Electric heating panels provide heat in the chalet for you.

Are there animals? Are there a lot of mosquitoes?

Remember, your chalet is built right on the edge of the forest; we want our guests to feel a sense of intimacy with nature. So you are sharing your environment with animals that have found a home there, including the occasional beetle, insects, birds and foragers according to the season and typical to the region. Although they are not dangerous, they may be different from what you’re used to at home. In the guest house, the doors and windows are protected by mosquito nets. However, this is the countryside, so please be aware that proximity to nature can sometimes cause minor inconvenience (mosquitoes bite although there are few here, birds sing louder, wasps can be curious about food, etc.).

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your reservation if you notify us in writing of your intention to cancel.

The booking fee paid for the cancelled booking can be used for another booking. Alternatively,  after deducting the HUF 2,000 administration fee we will refund it to the account number indicated by you, if the cancellation occurs more than 30 days before the arrival time. 

Within 29-15 days before arrival 50% of the amount is refundable, while 14 days before the start of the arrival date the total amount of the reservation will be deducted and cannot be used for a subsequent booking.

Is it possible to pay with a SZÉP card?

Yes, if you have the Hungarian company reward card, you can use the ‘accommodation wallet’ of the card from any of the three banks.

How do I use the SZÉP card to pay for the accommodation?

For SZÉP card payment, advance transfer is required.

Please note: the bank receipt for SZÉP card transfers must be downloaded and sent to us by e-mail to to confirm the booking.

Payment is possible in the following ways:

OTP SZÉP card:

Go to the OTP NICE card website and select Chalet for you.

Please send the receipt to the accommodation so that we know this is how you will be paying.

Send the received transfer receipt to us at

MKB SZÉP card:

Enter the interface of the MKB SZÉP card, and then make a prepayment with the prepayment option, for which you will need the prepayment ID received from us.

We can request the prepaid ID from the bank if you send us by e-mail the identification number below your SZÉP card number and the name written on the card. We will email you the ID.

Send the received transfer receipt to us at

K&H SZÉP card:

From the K&H SZÉP card web page, you can arrange a transfer in advance, for which you must enter our accommodation ID (our accommodation ID: 84068738).

Send the received transfer receipt to us at the e-mail address

Please note: The bank receipt of SZÉP card transfers must be downloaded and sent to us by e-mail to before we can confirm the booking.